First major project(s)

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* Flashback* June 2008

Our house was a steal price wise... well, except for the fact that our plumbing is best described with this visual:

In case you aren't familiar with that angle... it's our kitchen faucet. Very pretty isn't it?

Thankfully on the day Josh and I were just going to be giving a tour to his aunt and uncle they were so moved by inspiration to help their poor, helpless, lost relatives that they immediately waved their wands and ta-da! Unclogged pipes, new pipes, new toilet, working plumbing! Okay, so perhaps I'm simply making a long story short. These images give a better description:

Have we ever mentioned how thankful we were for them? THANK YOU!!! We took a bit of lunch in our finery prior to installing the toilet.

Needless to say, if it weren't for them we either would have paid an arm and a leg for the use of our sinks and toilets or be horrifically constipated.