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Well. I began to blog about the balcony without slacking.... but here it is, August, and I haven't shown the progress or completion of our now lovely balcony. So, here I am giving another whirlwind tour of the building of the balcony.

First. Let me introduce my fellow observers...

Raven, Flinn, Bronte and Llama.

I was dog sitting. We aren't crazy enough to actually have this many where we live.

So here was the first weekend. Josh, his dad and uncle whipped this baby up in a two day span. Impressive doesn't even begin to describe it.

It was muggy, rainy, sweltering and an all out irritable day... but they carried on and managed to build a balcony as solid as the house it's attached to.

Check out this Edward-Scissor-Hands-style contraption Bill was using.

He was pretty proud of the thing. And yes, it did the trick. No. I don't know what that trick was.

So moving on to a few weekends later. They brought in the rails (thanks to Bill, who did phenomenal work)

That weekend finished with a crazy-sturdy balcony, sweltering heat yet again and three exhausted men.
She's a beauty.